After the loss of Marcia Wallace, Vampire Mob is being adapted into a graphic novel.

The Series

Watch the live-action series, but only if you like swearing. 

Vampire Mob is made possible by our audience

“Joe Wilson’s horror comedy is on it’s way to becoming a true cult classic...”

- Bavarian Public Radio (Munich, Germany)

"The writing is sharp and the jokes are not predictable ...  this well-done series will leave viewers wanting more.”

- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Vampire Mob could easily be a show built on cheap jokes and stereotypes, but Wilson and crew keep the focus on character and let the humor flow naturally from the lives of these people.”  

- Virgil’s Diner

Graphic Novel


What's Vampire Mob?

Vampire Mob started as a
live-action series (watch two seasons here) and continues as a graphic novel due to the loss of cast member,
Marcia Wallace. 

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