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Vampire Mob is a story that would not exist without the help of our audience!
Thank YOU!!
Vampire Mob started as a short play that was destined to be a short film, at least that’s what I thought I was writing.

After making a handful of short films, I found out that it was a lot more fun making stories than it was waiting for someone to give me the opportunity to make one. Sometimes life’s about taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s also damn short.  

As I cooked this story it grew into something larger than I had ever made and into something that could continue well past the running time of any film category. 

Don Grigioni is a hit man for the mafia, who is shot, dies and “does the whole light at the end of the tunnel thing.” He doesn’t like that there’s “business associates” waiting for him in the afterlife, so Don decides to become a vampire. It was a plan he didn’t completely think through, as is Don’s nature. 

A supply of blood will be easy to find in Don’s line of work, most of which he does at night. “Good fit,” he thinks.  

Don never planned on biting his wife, Annie, but then he got hungry. Now there’s two mouths to feed and his marriage will last forever, also not part of Don’s plan. 

Don finds out by phone that his mother-in-law, Virginia Jones, will be moving in, for eternity. Annie bit her mother so she will have someone to complain about Don to. Three mouths to feed was definitely not part of Don’s plan. 

My goal was to create a story that took the mysticism out of the vampire genre while mixing comedy, drama, action and a fuckton of swearing. There would be no puns, no scenes of vampires brushing their teeth and no romance. Vampires are a minority of the population in this world and not a particularly liked one. 

Rob and Laura Anderson, Don’s brother- and sister-in-law aren’t vampires and spending time around family members who are is always awkward. Not everyone in the mafia is pro-vampire and many are more than vocal about it. “Loyalty for generations” isn’t an idea that plays with everyone.

The vampires in VMob don’t do daylight, they drink blood, they don’t eat food, they can see their own reflection and they don’t need to be invited inside anyplace in order to enter. There’s no armies and no “head vampire” running anything.

Also, no sparkling. 

Thanks to a day job working at a hotel, I got to spend some time with individuals who were members of organized crime in Boston. I based Don on two of these regulars and borrowed from the state of the mob in Boston in the late eighties, chaos, to build the organized crime story in Vampire Mob. 

Two families, Don’s family at home and the “family” he encounters doing business are who we would spend time with. 

Don sees himself as an independent contractor and he is, while Cadillac Frank is in prison, but that’s about to change.

I don’t want to say too much more about the story because I love surprises and I hope you do, too! 

The cast of actors in the live-action version of Vampire Mob completely rock and you may recognize many of them. 

Sadly, we lost Marcia Wallace in 2013. 

I wanted to continue telling this story but did not want to recast or rewrite Marcia’s character, Virginia, out of Vampire Mob.  Creating a graphic novel is a way to keep her character “alive” and for all of us to imagine that it’s Marcia Wallace saying the words on the page. 

Seasons one and two of Vampire Mob act as a complete story, with Issue 1 picking up that story right where we left it, but in graphic novel form. I’m adapting each episode of season three as one issue, with seven planned Issues on deck, so far. The season three script was designed to have six episodes that run fifteen minutes or longer. 

I’ve loved creating this story and could never have done it without the help of a whole lotta people from all over the world, many of whom I’ve never met.

Making Vampire Mob was never about getting millions of views, winning awards, getting famous or cashing in on a genre. 

It’s about telling a story to people who enjoy it and creating a world to spend some time in when the real world is such a troubled place. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way down to here! 

I hope you enjoy our story. 

-Joe Wilson